Happy 20th Birthday to my first born!

It’s hard to believe its been 20 years since I’ve brought my first born into this world. As a young single mother, I know I wasn’t the best mother, and raising him on my own for his first 3 years wasn’t the easiest. Luckily, I did have lots of support from my family who helped while I worked and allowed me to have sometime to myself when needed. It actually was my son who introduced me to my husband, he use to go across the street with my father to visit friends and he use to tell me I need to meet his new friend, I eventually did and we’ve been together ever since. My child has been many blessings to me more than he’ll ever know.

I’ve always been a firm believer to let your children find their own way, he had a few wrong ways, but eventually was able to find the right path. Not only has he become one of the best big brothers, but the best father he could be to his children. I know I didn’t do many things right raising him, but watching him with his children, and striving for to succeed, I know I did something right.

First big decision made!

After weeks of going back and forth, I’ve decided that I will change my major from Nursing to Respiratory, and today I received the news that I will start the program next fall. I talked to others in different fields and the fact that I will stay patient involved is what led to my decision. I’m excited and nervous on my new journey, but I’m certain I made the right decision. Cheers to new beginnings ­čąé

National Diabetes Awareness

As a type 2 diabetic, resulting from PCOS and family history of diabetes, this month is dear to my heart. Luckily, I have pretty good control over mine, and haven’t had medication in over 4 years. Unfortunately, not many diabetics can say the same, especially those with type 1. I’m not going to preach on and tell everyone they should follow my diet, etc, ┬ácause the truth is even though mine is controlled right now, my numbers still run on the border of high, and I know that can change at any time, especially with PCOS… I hope everyone does take a moment this month and learn a little about this disease, I have a few friends with it and my late father had it, and it’s absolutely horrible for them. Take what you learn, spread it around, and don’t judge those who have it by thinking that they ate too much sugar, drink too much pop, they’re obese, and so on. Remember change starts with one person.┬á



Thanksgiving before Christmas!

I’m a firm believer let’s get through Thanksgiving before bringing all the Christmas stuff out, my tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving and not a day sooner… I ┬áhave found some neat Thanksgiving treat ideas for kid snacks, school, church, work, etc..I will be attempting these this month, after my dozens of cookies are done for the fundraiser lol