Who’s ready for the Superbowl?

Who’s ready for some football……recipes and money saving tips (yes, I did combine my two favorite type of posts) 😊

Here’s some quick budget friendly recipe that works for any crowd.

Instead of going out to your fav little restaurant or bar and spending $1 on ONE chicken wing, go to the grocery store and pick up a bag of chicken drummettes (little drumsticks) and make yourself.

photo credit: GeniusKitchen.com

Easy Chicken Wings:

Oven Baked

1 bag of chicken (thawed and dried well with paper towels)

2/3 cups of flour

2 Tbsp Paprika

2 tsp each of garlic salt & black pepper

1 tsp cayenne pepper

6 Tbsp butter


Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Combine all dry ingredients in a plastic bag & shake to mix

Add chicken wings

Line large baking sheet with foil and melt butter on it.

Add wings to pan and turn to coat

Bake for 30 min, Turn wings over, bake additional 15 minutes or until crispy and done.


**This recipe can be used to fry the wings as well, omit the butter**

Serve or toss with your favorite wing sauce!!!

photo credit: myrecipes

Spinach Artichoke dip:

1 10oz frozen chopped spinach (thawed, drained, and squeezed dry)

1 14oz can of Artichoke hearts (drained, and chopped)

1/4c Mayo

1 pack of cream cheese (softened)

1 cup grated Parmesan Cheese


Mix mayo and cream cheese together until smooth, add remaining ingredients.

Cover and bake in a 375 degree preheated oven for 20 min. uncover and bake additional 5 min.


photo credit: tubbys.com

Instead of ordering a party sub for your football party, set out a deli meat and cheese tray. Let your guests make their own sandwiches.

Depending on the number of guests, but for a party of 10-15

2 lbs sliced turkey

1 ½ lbs sliced ham

1 lb each of swiss and American cheese

1 large onion sliced

2 tomatoes sliced

1 bag of shredded lettuce

3-4 loafs of bread (white, wheat, rye,etc)

Then set out the typical condiments (Mayo,mustard,pickles,miracle whip)


photo credit: sugarapron.com

Buffalo Chicken Dip

1 package softened cream cheese

1 cup cooked chicken breast (canned works or shredded rotisserie chicken)

½ c Buffalo wing sauce

½ cup ranch

2 cups shredded Colby- Monterey jack cheese


Mix cream cheese, ranch, and buffalo sauce well together

Fold in chicken

Pour mixture in baking dish (pie plate)

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 min.

Add Cheese and bake additional 10-15 min.

Serve with Bread sticks, celery sticks, fritos or tortilla chips

Now here’s the ultimate savings tip, saves you plenty of time in the kitchen….Invite yourself to a friends house who is also watching the game…stop at the store and pick up a 6 pack so you’re not going there empty handed.  😊

I hope everyone enjoys their night, remember to drink responsible, and DON’T Drink and Drive!!!

Walking Tacos!!

Walking Tacos

Who doesn’t love the easy convenient food at the little league concession stand, or sporting events, but with it being a little too cold out and no baseball going on, I found 2 easy and great recipes to make my own at home. What is a walking taco? It’s a small bag of corn chips topped with taco meat (or chili), cheese, jalapenos, it’s basically heaven in a bag!! I never can enjoy the full experience of the mini meal because they all use regular hamburger meat, since I made myself, I used ground turkey…


Walking taco with Chili sauce:

1 lb ground hamburger (turkey)

1 10oz can of tomatoes with green chilies

1 15oz can of Ranch style beans (pinto beans in seasoned tomato sauce)

1 packet of Chili seasoning

Directions: brown meat (drain), mix all ingredients together and cook on low for about 10 minutes



Walking taco with taco meat:

 1 lb  ground hamburger (or turkey)

1 envelope of taco seasoning


Brown meat and drain, add packet of taco seasoning (adding little water at a time until desired consistency), simmer 5 minutes.


For both recipes you’ll need:

1 oz bags of corn chips (frito’s)

Shredded Mexican cheddar cheese (or liquid Nacho cheese)

Top with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, jalapenos, Picante sauce (salsa), or any other favorite topping you desire.


**Instead of little bags of corn chips, you can buy bigger size and layer it in a bowl instead of bag, Doritos can be used as well**

Three months into blogging!

I’m officially in my third month of blogging, and I still don’t know sh**(HAHA)! I started this journey to get rid of my boredom blues, little did I know it was actually going to take over my life, only kidding…only 80% of it. I’m loving every minute of it, I am meeting so many different people around the world, who knew a simple little blog could turn into all of this. No, I am no longer bored, and with my life I have no clue how I was bored to begin with, but guess I just needed that something extra to do. I’m still tackling all the little tech things that go into blogging, spent many hours watching YouTube learning how to install certain plug ins, still can’t figure out the SEO thing-a-majig, then I seen another post about LSI keywords (wtf are those!), all in due time I’ll have it mastered 🙂

I’ve been ask by many where do I find the time to do all of this, as most now I am extremely busy mom of 4 and two grandchildren (again,how was I bored to begin with, right?), but I have always been good with multitasking (kinda learn fast when there’s so many kids lol). I’ll give a little example of my day, I never wake up on my own, normally the dog or daughter wakes me up (hopefully not one of the older kids that missed the bus, that’s too early lol), I make sure both dog and daughter are content, I check messages, Facebook threads, etc. I will interact with any of those if needed, if I need to grocery shop, normally it’s just a quick trip (I hate shopping, can’t be in stores long), I’ll get dinner ready, once hubby gets home around 2:30pm, I leave for work at 3pm. This goes on almost everyday of the week, the only time it changes is on Friday’s, I drop my son off to work on my way to work. I’m lucky to have the job I have, because that’s how I’m able to keep up with my blogging and etc. The main thing is to not stress if I didn’t get something accomplished that day or week, I don’t set time limits on any goals I have, that will make me stress over the time and not the project itself.

I honestly didn’t think that I would be blogging this long, what started with just a little insight on family life, turned into weekly recipes, money saving tips, health, etc. Sometimes I wonder how many recipes and tips can I possibly write about…well the amount is endless!!! If you find something you enjoy, continue doing it..if it ain’t don’t fix it, right!!

Have a girl, they say, it’ll be fun!

I was told that every mother needs a daughter, although I was perfectly fine being a mother of 3 boys, I did wonder what it would be like to have my very own daughter.  Pregnant with my fourth, everyone rooting for a girl, they said girls are fun, they’re so sweet,  dresses and bows…. Well, they’re all wrong! I got my girl, I got a sassy, dress and bow hating girl! I’m pretty sure growing up with 3 older brothers may have something to do with the tomboy’ness, but she is our youngest and she knows she’s very spoiled so she uses that to her advantage. I’m not saying I’m not happy with my girl, she can also be the sweetest thing ever, normally after eating cake (hey, aren’t we all), she tells me I’m her best friend all day long, but we all have seen the Sybil movie lol.

Now thanks to Facebook sharing posts from 2 years ago, I get to show what I deal with on a daily basis.. The first photo is during those fun potty training days, Kaila was in her room playing with her kitchen my best friend gave her, I hear her yelling “Mom, I go pee”, I asked my son to go check on her, he comes out laughing and told me where she was, I didn’t believe him so of course I go look. Yup, there she was sitting in the sink of her play kitchen going pee!! Y’all know I had to take pic before I cleaned it up, and about a week later we had to take the kitchen away because she made it her own port-a-potty for her room.

Here’s a recent fun story about my lovely wild child, she begged me for months to get her ears pierced, while Christmas shopping at the mall, she asked again,  so I agreed. We go into the store, she tells the lady what she wants, picks a pair out and was all ready to go,  and she flipped a switched! The next 15 minutes she goes back and forth if she wanted them or not, but she refused to leave the store,  knowing my child I knew she really wanted them, so I picked her up and held her,  she screamed and cried (yes, we drew a crowd), while Kaila was looking at another coworker, I motioned the lady to do it now. Kaila let out a little tiny “hey, owe” and turned her head to let her to do the other ear, 1-2-3 and done! The worker asked if she was okay and if she was mad at her,  Kaila responds with “No, can I have more!” The small crowd let out a chuckle, and I gave them my best sarcastic bitch look. Here’s a quick little lesson, if you don’t know me personally, don’t judge me or my parenting skills, obviously she was fine, she wasn’t dramatized, and I knew she needed that extra boost to do it, and if she didn’t get it done she would’ve continued to beg for it. Stay tune for my fun little stories about Kaila, the hits just keep coming 🤣

Mexican Spaghetti (Fideo)

Yes that’s right, I said Mexican spaghetti, how can this be any good? I thought the same thing over 10 years ago when I found this recipe online, I’ve only made it a few times, but really should add it to my regular menu…especially on cheat days 🙂


4 boneless chicken breast halves

1 (12oz) packaged spaghetti noodles, broken in half

5 roma tomatoes, chopped

1 large onion, chopped

1/2 tbsp ground cumin

2 1/2 tsp chili powder

salt & pepper to taste

1 1/2 cups of water

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

2 Tbsp vegetable oil



Heat 1 tbsp oil in a large skillet over medium heat, cook chicken until nicely browned on outside, then remove from pan and set aside.

Add remaining oil to skillet, add broken noodles, stir constantly until browned, drain excess oil. Add tomatoes and onions, dice the chicken and add to mixture, season with cumin, chili powder, salt & pepper. Pour in water, cover & simmer over low-med heat until pasta is tender and water is absorbed, about 10 minutes. *check towards the end, and add more water if needed. Garnish with cheese

*** If you don’t have a very large skillet, brown the spaghetti in increments..This time I used half packet of taco seasoning instead of cumin and chili powder, results were the same. Add 1/2 cup of cheese and mix before serving, then top with more cheese***

Taco Tuesday!!!

I know, I missed last weeks Taco Tuesday recipe, but here’s two recipes for some yummy dips to make up for it…Enjoy both dips with your favorite tortilla chip or veggies!

Mexicali Dip:

8 oz. pkg.  cream cheese, softened
1/2 c. sour cream
2 tbsp. Taco Seasoning mix
1/2 c. picante salsa or traditional salsa
1/4 c. sliced black olives
1/2 c. shredded Monterey Jack cheese (2 oz.) (Cheddar works well)


Mix cream cheese and sour cream until well blended, add additional ingredients (food processor works best)..Chill before serving.


Old School Velveeta Queso Dip:

I call this old school because this was the easy dip my mom use to make for gatherings, before we knew all other possibilities with Velveeta cheese, this is still a favorite and only has 2 ingredients!!

1 lb of Velveeta cheese cut into 1/2in cubes

1 10oz can of Ro*Tel diced tomatoes with green chiles, undrained ***mom used traditional salsa instead of canned tomatoes***
You can microwave this until well blended (in 3-minute increments), or throw in crockpot until hot and blended…