About Me

Hello folks, here’s a little insight on me,  I’m a married mother of 4 (3 sons and 1 daughter), grandmother of 2, never planned on being a grandmother at 37, but here I am killing it lol… I started this blog after speaking with a medium who suggested to start journaling my dreams,  that lead me to thinking about my childhood, my children,etc., that’s when I realized I have a weird dysfunctional happy life, and thought I would share with others.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and was hoping starting a blog could help lift my spirits after spending so many years in school, now currently on break and needed something new to look forward to. I’ve been blogging the past couple weeks, and I really do enjoy it,  I’ve been reading other blogs, learning new things daily, overall I may have found a new niche! This blog isn’t so much about products and services, this is more personal, sharing about my life and family, sharing recipes, and simple things that can make life easier. Having a large family of my own,  I love easy tips that can make a hectic crazy day, less busy.  Thank you for taking the time and visiting my page.