Brave, Fierce, Kind

Those three words described my little girl perfectly, and happens to be the shirt she was wearing when we were at the burn clinic for her follow up after her surgery, I didn’t even notice what her shirt said until her doctor said it was the best shirt for her. Her surgery for next week has been cancelled since her arm still has some inflammation from the last one, so we are back to the avosil lotion and will check it again in January. Listed below are reasons why I think my little care bear (nickname lol) lives up to those three words so well.

  • Brave- Not only has this experience been traumatic and terrifying for her, starting when she was only 1 year old, she embraces it, telling us that she knows it will make her arm better and she’s not afraid, so we can’t be afraid.
  • Fierce- Everything she does, wears, plays, etc..it’s done with just the right amount of passion, always striving to be at her best!
  • Kind- My little girl thinks of everyone before herself, even at the young age of 4 years old, she makes sure mommy and daddy are okay with the things she has to go through, she is way stronger than we could’ve imagine. *On a side note from a previous post Always say goodbye, right after Kelly passed away, we were at the store and she picked up cough syrup, she said we need to buy this for Bailee’s mommy so she won’t be dead anymore and Bailee won’t be so sad. I thought that was the sweetest thing, but then I realized I had to explain death to her so she didn’t think they come back, and that broke my heart, so hard to tell children the true meaning of things. of course she was sadden by this, but she just had to run and give Bailee a hug and tell her that her mommy will always be with her even when she can’t see her.

5 thoughts on “Brave, Fierce, Kind

  1. Btw No she is in good condition after surgery ??.. nd yup it’s hard to tell a kid the meaning of ny emotion like :- death ,love or anything this last pahargarph reminded me the death of my grandmother. When I was a lil kid like uor girl.. but what we can do , Thanks !! Nd tell me how she is now

    1. She’s doing well, she’s happy the surgery was cancelled for this week, but knows there will be another, she’s a tough cookie

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