Carbless burger🍔

Yeah I know, it’s not new or anything fancy, but who doesn’t like a hamburger or even a Big Mac… My sister called the other day (who’s currently doing Keto) needing something to make with hamburger meat,  I didn’t try the true keto diet, but I basically turned everything into a salad… Anyways, I suggested meatloaf or making what I call the Big Mac salad, and her family loved it!!

**This is for one serving***

1 cooked hamburger patty  (I use season butterball turkey meat patties)                              1 cup of shredded iceberg or romaine lettuce chopped fresh tomatoes, diced onions, diced pickles.                                                                 1/4c shredded cheddar cheese.                           2 tbsp thousand island dressing                       Mix all together and enjoy 😊

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