Change is in the air 🍁

I make a lot of decisions on impulse, this may be one of them but it may be for the better.  After two failed attempts of nursing school, which I’m currently waiting to apply back for,  I decided I should look at a different career path.  I absolutely love nursing, it’s what I always wanted to do, and the times I was in the program, I had a few personal issues that was uncontrollable and that is the biggest reason why I failed out, the timing just wasn’t right. The programs I’m looking into still will allow me to help others, which is what I want to do, and maybe in few years I’ll return to nursing. I thought the year and half break would help me refresh and get things in order (which I am), but I need to return back to school, there’s a void that needs to be filled. I’m debating between two programs, and will be discussing with counselor this Friday. Now that I’m getting all my issues in order, I’m certain that any program I go into, I will be able to give my 100% and have a successful completion. As mentioned before, I started blogging in hopes to keep me content, well it has, I’m absolutely loving all the writing and new ideas I’ve been looking into,  and reading others blogs are great. I honestly never knew there was so many out there, I look forward to continue reading others and working on mine.

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