Cocktail Hour 🍸

Let’s change up my normal food recipes and put a little spirits up in here! Weekly I’m going to make a post with great drink recipes, in all honesty, what momma doesn’t need a drink or two every now and then,  so cheers 🍻

My very post drink recipe will be for my sister in law, Jody Lou, who is sitting up in the ICU again for her asthma, wishing she had one of these right about now, and yes, she’s likely going to kill me for calling her Jody Lou lol…

Strawberry Margarita:

6 oz of Tequila

2 oz Triple Sec

8 oz frozen strawberries in syrup

4 oz frozen limeade concentrate



Fill blender with ice and crush, add tequila and triple sec, then add strawberries and limeade, blend for 30 seconds until smooth. Serve in margarita glasses with rimmed dipped in sugar.

This one is for my little sister who’s birthday is coming up this week, so Happy birthday Cindy Lou who (She’s gonna kill me too lol)

Fierced Apple Crown


1.5 oz Apple Crown whiskey

4oz Green Apple Gatorade

Fill cup with ice, add Apple Crown then Apple Gatorade

**I love apple crown, but i serve it with Ginger ale or 7 up**


What’s your favorite go to beverage, leave it in replies and I’ll give it a try… unless it’s beer, straight liquor or champaign…. I honestly can’t drink those lol… till next time, drink up 🥂


7 thoughts on “Cocktail Hour 🍸

  1. I am sorry about your sister in law, Jody. I really wish she’d recover quickly and have this wonderful cocktail.

    Oh and yep, she’s def gon kill you for calling her Jody Lou…. lol

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