The dog that stole my heart 🐕

I’ve talked about my kids, hubby, mom, etc.. but I have not properly introduced my baby Arlo, our Doberman. I never really had animals growing up, and never planned on getting any because in all honesty, I’m extremely busy with family, work, and school. I’m not saying I’m not an animal lover, I just preferred not having any, until my daughter was about 2 years old. I use to give a family friends cat and dog IV fluids a few times a week, and my daughter just loved her doggies,  so I told my husband I think we should get one for her. I was expecting one of those cute little dogs with the annoying bark (lol), well he wanted a man’s dog, the Doberman! His uncle was doing his last breed, and he just had to have one of his dogs, being the wife that I am, I agreed, well the first time around the dog didn’t get pregnant and his uncle wasn’t going to have her try again, not lying I wasn’t upset about it… then apparently the dogs went off on their own and made puppies!! So in May of 2016, my husband drove to Arizona from Michigan to pick up our new puppy, the new puppy that weighed 50 pounds by the time we got him! At first, it was a huge adjustment to our household, I was use to leaving when I wanted, but that can’t happen with this dog because he cried every time we left, so I always had to get a sitter for the dog if I needed to be gone for a long period of time, thankfully that stopped and we’re able to leave for couple hours at a time. Arlo has become a very spoiled and spunky dog, and overly smart (I know we all say that about our kids), but he truly is. I’m not sure how this routine got started, but every night when I come home, he greets me, goes straight to the stove for a treat, then I let him outside to do his thing, when I get to bed, he makes sure I’m on my side so I can pet him for 5 minutes, then he just goes back to my daughter’s room to sleep with her, and when my husband gets up to go to work, Arlo will wait till he leaves, wakes me up to let him out, then he beats me to my side of bed to sleep there lol..We do this every single day!! What I find hilarious is, everyone is so scared of this 100lb dog with the big bark, and that’s all it is, a big bark, looks are truly deceiving, he’s really a big baby, my big baby! Our family is truly complete with him, not only is he my husband’s best friend, he’s all of ours, especially my daughters.

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  1. Once I took one puppy from street when m 7-8yr old ,his name is Tiger.. Nd make a cardboard home for him in my backyard, nd nxt day I woke up late 10A.M nd my mom shooed him out of the home 😥😥….. Because he is a street dog .. So he have lice nd all.

  2. What an awesome story! Dobermans are really great dogs! My dad has a lab/pit mix and a Weimaraner, and they make me heart soar whenever I see them! I’m currently living in South Korea and plan to adopt a puppy next month, wish me luck!

  3. Few day ago, I found a puppy near my college, she is shivering. I took her and went to home and take care of her for 3 day. She was just 15-20 days old and so cute, looks very innocent with pure white fur and blue eyes. She used to sleep on my legs. But my parents didn’t allow her to stay in our home, so I donated her to a guys. Now he is taking care of her….

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