Easter baskets for all ages!

There is no age limit for Easter baskets, here’s some fun and easy basket ideas that fits everyone’s needs…..

Typically for infant and toddlers, baskets are filled with non-candy items like books, stuffed animals, chalk, coloring books, etc…. If you do want to put food in the baskets, have it age appropriate, I suggest avoiding chocolate and hard candies.

With my teenage boys, we typically do outside toys (basketball, football, etc) of course the candy, the chips, hats and shirts. Great basket ideas for the typical teenage girl is a spa type baskets (lotions, makeup, nail polish,etc), fill with favorite candy, and good to go.

Now, let’s not forget us adults, there is nothing wrong with making a basket up for your significant other. My hubby loves his fishing, so I fill his up with some fishing items, beer, chips, etc.. For the ladies, come on, everyone knows we like our wine, make up a wine basket with some glasses, a bottle of wine, crackers, etc. Don’t want to go the alcohol route, make up a baking basket with cute kitchen utensils like measuring cups, whisk, cookbook, the ideas are limitless with this.



Happy Easter everyone!!



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