Easy Easter Crafts for the Kiddies 🐰

Miss Kaila is now in love with the craft store, so I found some really easy crafts that will keep the kids happy and content for a bit.  Please follow links below pics for directions.

Window Egg Art replaces those store bought cling ons we all used before, and this is more fun for the kids to be apart of…only downfall is I see Kaila always touching my windows, but if it keeps her happy for a week, I’ll deal with it..


What kid doesn’t like to paint, so cut some egg shapes out of construction paper and let them design their own eggs, and display it proudly for them to see. You can replace paint with stickers or crayons for less mess.


Then there’s the classic dying the eggs for hiding, there’s the traditional route, and I noticed the new thing this year is using shaving cream and food dye, which is what we’ll be trying, although she did dye some eggs last week with her Nana, but can never have enough eggs..

Kaila dying eggs at the DeerHouse

Now, it wouldn’t be a typical post if I didn’t have some sort of recipe in it, lol. Years ago, my boys and I made a cake similar to the pic below, but instead of peeps, we filled with pastel m&m’s, but I’m liking the whole peep thing they got going. All you need to do is either buy or prepare a cake in a bundt pan (follow box directions), frost with vanilla frosting (mix a little green food coloring in it if you like), mix a bag of coconut with green food coloring until you reach the color you desire (let dry), sprinkle that on top of frosted bundt cake. Fill with m&m eggs, peeps, whatever your heart desires..

photo credit: http://hecendorfer.com/easter-bundt-cake/

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