Frugal Friday..Road trip edition

With Christmas being days away, many traveling to see family and friends, here’s some simple money saving tips… Who couldn’t use these tips at this time, right?! Use these tips every time you travel, so you don’t break the bank!

1. Pack your own snacks and drinks. Fill a cooler up with prepared subs, sandwiches (don’t put the condiments on until ready to eat). *wrap sandwiches then put in Ziploc bag to keep from getting water logged*

2. If your grocery store or credit card offers money off for gas with points, ex. Kroger 1,000 points equals $1 off gas,  save them if you have a road trip planned.

3. Download apps for fast food restaurants, etc.. coupons at your fingertips for when you do want something besides sandwiches.

4. Staying in a hotel? Check your credit card points, I’ve had a few stays basically free with this…

5. Before going, have your vehicle completely checked out, to avoid unexpected costs… I’ve actually had two tire blow outs on me while on vacation with work, next year all vans will be tested before we leave! Plus this tip keeps everyone safe.

6. This goes along with my buying gift cards through the year post…. While planning your trip, buy gift cards you know you can use in that area in advance,  or purchase couple Visa type gift cards, use those instead of cash… unexpected travel, grab some of the gift cards you were saving for holidays, they can be replaced later down the road.

7. Mom I hope you’re reading this one….. DON’T SPEED! Drive legally, this will save on those tickets you’ll have to pay, keep family and others safe on the road, save on your insurance, etc…. Just don’t do it.


3 thoughts on “Frugal Friday..Road trip edition

  1. I always pack food (not only sandwiches..lol) when traveling, I’m already preparing some now as we are leaving on Sunday morning, and when you have little kids it’s a must, apart from the extra cost you will be forced to stop to grab snacks.
    I like the gift card idea… Thanks for sharing.

    1. Subs, sandwiches is typically the easiest to do for us traveling with these kids lol.. plus snacks, etc…. one of my kids gets car sick within an hour of driving, we learn to limit his sweets.. we’ve even tried dopamine, still gets sick 🙁

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