Frugal Friday!

  • For those parents who go through homecoming  dances every year for their children like I do, I managed a way to save some money,  I’m pretty sure its not an original idea, but still feel like sharing 😊. This year I decided to skip the tux rental, and go to Kohls and buy a suit,  my son chose all black (As usual), and ties to match his dates dress,  and bought a vest from eBay that also matches,  so when homecoming comes  next year, the only thing he has to buy is new ties… pretty nifty, huh.  So next year when my youngest son starts attending the dances, I’ll do the same thing and save the big money for tux rentals for prom night… and when my daughter starts going, I’m not going to be able to do that with her, so I better start saving now lol. To save money on corsages, I had my mother in law make them with fake flowers, that way not only did I save money there, his date can keep it for however long she wants instead of putting in freezer (I still have my 20 year old sons boutenniere in the freezer from 6 years ago lol). Happy saving!

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