Happy Monday!

┬áIt’s the beginning of a new week, fresh start, and to my daughter the start of any empty stomach.. this child of mine had breakfast lunch and dinner within 3 hours! Where does she put it all…. yes, they were healthy small meals, luckily our children prefer a head of ┬ábroccoli over chips and candy. I find it funny that people usually dread going into work, especially on a Monday, but I work afternoons and by the time my husband comes in, I’m ready to run out the door to start my workweek. This pint size Mini me that I have created manages to suck the energy out of me an hour after I awake, but leaving for work is like my second wind. This has been my routine for many many years, so when Monday comes, I learn to embrace it, and I know the next morning my routine will start over again, and so will my daughter’s empty belly lol.

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