Have a girl, they say, it’ll be fun!

I was told that every mother needs a daughter, although I was perfectly fine being a mother of 3 boys, I did wonder what it would be like to have my very own daughter.  Pregnant with my fourth, everyone rooting for a girl, they said girls are fun, they’re so sweet,  dresses and bows…. Well, they’re all wrong! I got my girl, I got a sassy, dress and bow hating girl! I’m pretty sure growing up with 3 older brothers may have something to do with the tomboy’ness, but she is our youngest and she knows she’s very spoiled so she uses that to her advantage. I’m not saying I’m not happy with my girl, she can also be the sweetest thing ever, normally after eating cake (hey, aren’t we all), she tells me I’m her best friend all day long, but we all have seen the Sybil movie lol.

Now thanks to Facebook sharing posts from 2 years ago, I get to show what I deal with on a daily basis.. The first photo is during those fun potty training days, Kaila was in her room playing with her kitchen my best friend gave her, I hear her yelling “Mom, I go pee”, I asked my son to go check on her, he comes out laughing and told me where she was, I didn’t believe him so of course I go look. Yup, there she was sitting in the sink of her play kitchen going pee!! Y’all know I had to take pic before I cleaned it up, and about a week later we had to take the kitchen away because she made it her own port-a-potty for her room.

Here’s a recent fun story about my lovely wild child, she begged me for months to get her ears pierced, while Christmas shopping at the mall, she asked again,  so I agreed. We go into the store, she tells the lady what she wants, picks a pair out and was all ready to go,  and she flipped a switched! The next 15 minutes she goes back and forth if she wanted them or not, but she refused to leave the store,  knowing my child I knew she really wanted them, so I picked her up and held her,  she screamed and cried (yes, we drew a crowd), while Kaila was looking at another coworker, I motioned the lady to do it now. Kaila let out a little tiny “hey, owe” and turned her head to let her to do the other ear, 1-2-3 and done! The worker asked if she was okay and if she was mad at her,  Kaila responds with “No, can I have more!” The small crowd let out a chuckle, and I gave them my best sarcastic bitch look. Here’s a quick little lesson, if you don’t know me personally, don’t judge me or my parenting skills, obviously she was fine, she wasn’t dramatized, and I knew she needed that extra boost to do it, and if she didn’t get it done she would’ve continued to beg for it. Stay tune for my fun little stories about Kaila, the hits just keep coming 🤣

7 thoughts on “Have a girl, they say, it’ll be fun!

  1. Kaila is so adorable. I am sure she must have thought the sink of her play kitchen of the perfect size. Ear piercing can be less hurtful when done at a young age and these days it’s so easy. I am glad it didn’t hurt her.

  2. The pee incident got me laughing. I have a son and daughter and the boy is so much easier. He is almost 15 and she will be 12 in 2 weeks so this house is so much fun.

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