Last night conversation!

So last night my husband and I were having a little spat over my 16 year old son who has ADHD, ODD, and little bit of other issues… my husband is strong believer that many are just labels to use to coddle children,  and I’m a firm believer these issues exist. I’m the one who had all the testing done,  I see the issues my child suffers from, and I work in mental health,  plus I’ve had 3 rounds of psych (doesn’t make me an expert), but I do know what I’m talking about. Before I go on, I’m not saying every child or diagnosis is the same, this is my opinion,  so need for judgment. In the middle of this argument he said he sees that our child has some mental issues,  well duh,  told him he needs to do some research on these issues and then he will have a valid point.  Now onto our son,  he isn’t medicated,  we tried and he simply didn’t take to the meds,  he follows a pretty good diet,  he receives extra help at school, he still has his outbursts, but they’re not too often. When I ask him what it feels like, he says it’s like having a thousand things going on inside his brain and he can’t focus on one,  and when he has his behaviors, it’s like think before you speak, he doesn’t think about consequences until after he does it, and many times he thinks he’s in the right, we’re the wrong ones. We encourage him to talk, to ask for help,  now he doesn’t always because he’s embarrassed, but I tell him that’s what all the extra resources are for.  He does work,  he’s been working for our local teen center doing peer counseling since he was 14, he’s really good with children and helping others,  I really wish he would go into counseling,  he’s natural with it,  but he says that’s not what he wants to do with his life.  Okay so back to my husband,  I know he will research and learn up on this subject, I think he needs to look more depth into this issue, I believe it will help everyone involved.  Now I’m not saying he’s never realized our son has a problem, I believe its more of a parent denying there is a problem, he’s more of the coddler than he thinks.

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