Momma has a new man 🀣

Β This isn’t going to be my typical recipe, money saving post, this is going under my dysfunctional family tab! My father passed away 16 years ago, my mother never dated after that, we honestly didn’t think she ever would, my parents were together since mom was 15, celebrated 26 years of marriage before my father passed. Well, we were wrong, she actually started dating months before she told any of us! We all know the new man, known him ever since we’ve moved to Michigan from Georgia over 30 years ago, not really going to go in that story, but it’s pretty freaking funny!

Β  So, the new man is coming over for Thanksgiving, and while I was visiting at mom’s yesterday, she was getting her dinner list together, and asking me if I can do the ham at my house because she may not have room in her stove, especially cooking turkey, etc. I tell her no problem, she said good, I need you to bake all the pies also, they’re already cooked but new man thinks she cooks everything from scratch. This is when mother-daughter role starts going in reverse, I’m sitting there teasing her she can’t start a new relationship in a lie, and how the heck did I get nominated to be the freaking Betty Crocker of the bunch? She goes well you have four kids, he’ll think you like to bake, well when his butt asks for a recipe, or expects me to bake him another pie while he’s visiting, I’m gonna send him to the grocery store you picked it up from 🀣 

My poor mother, she’s so conservative, so innocent, then she ends up with a loud mouth daughter like me, that loves to pick on her every chance I get (I get that from my daddy lol), I’m pretty sure she’s glad I have to work that afternoon, so I won’t be there for long to embarrass her that bad lol.. I’m kidding, I will be on my best behavior while he’s here, it’s so nice to see my mom smile again, it’s been way too long since we’ve seen her genuinely happy, but I’m not promising anything on Christmas 🀣

4 thoughts on “Momma has a new man 🀣

  1. I read all the article , like uor father goes after 26years of marriage ….you teased that she can’t start a new relationship in a lie.
    Ok After reading whole article I can say really these is one of the most Honestly shared truths. πŸ™‚ have a great day

  2. Life becomes miserable when one of the partners passes away. It’s really hard to bear that pain. Your mom has a life of her own, she definitely should live happily as anyone else. Mom and daughters are best friends forever, they always support each other in good times and bad, have fun, laugh just like you and your mom. May you and your mom smile always.

    1. Aww so true!! My mom definitely is one of my bestest friends, she’s been through so much, nice to see a smile on her face again

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