Mommy Monday!!

Here it is, back to Monday, after a busy weekend of working and making dozens of cookies for my sons fundraiser, I am exhausted. I’m not going to dwell on what day it is, instead I’m going to make it easier for me. Thankfully for the power of Youtube, I was able to sleep in a little while my daughter watched her shows on my phone, I did manage to make it to the grocery store, but it’s going to be hot dogs for dinner since I have to work a little earlier this afternoon, and that’s okay. There is no such book that says we have to cook a full healthy meal everyday, and we are the parents that buy only meat, veggies, and fruits for meals, but today will be the exception. So for those who are dwelling it’s Monday, not sure what to do for dinner, and the thought of folding that laundry making you cringe (mine is currently in the basket until tomorrow lol), don’t! Own your Monday, do what you want, things can wait until the next day, you are the boss and Monday is just your little annoying employee that can’t be fired! Cheers to Monday….and it only being 4 days away from Friday!!

7 thoughts on “Mommy Monday!!

  1. My boys never watched it, but my daughter loves all the kids and family shows on there and will watch all day. Our tv doesn’t leave YouTube cause we’re turning her best friends off, hence this child needs to socialize more lol

    1. Yes, we do need to figure out how to balance what’s truly important, and my laundry from Monday is still in those baskets lol

  2. Wow very honestly written things like youtube nd all that stuff, nd Yeah Monday is Sometimes boring but sometimes Gives a Thinking to do something new this week 🙂 . Good.

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