My little Einstein!

My youngest son (13 yrs old) was invited back to JrNYLC (Junior National Young Leaders Conference), he was invited 2 years ago and spent a week in Washington, tons of hands on experience and learning, and he loved it. ¬†They have different groups that learn about different things, this time he was invited for Gaming and Technology, which is what he wants to go into. So of course he jumped at this opportunity, he gets to spend the week at George Mason university, very excited child right now. So now I’m looking into more fundraising ideas, last time he won a scholarship to go, plus we had a few spaghetti dinners, etc to cover the rest…. but this time I want something more fun and little easier lol, if anyone has any ideas, please share with me, ¬†thank you. I like to make these opportunities possible for him, because he does try so hard at school and loves all the experiences he gets, plus they look great for college.

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