On a serious note!

So while watching the tribute for Chester Bennington, who is from my favorite band ever Linkin Park, I wanted to share the link for suicideĀ prevention Ā suicidepreventionlifeline.org

For anyone who’s suffering from depression, thoughts of suicide, or know some in need, please share this.

As I mention before Linkin Park is my favorite band, my best friend and I go to all their concerts that come to town, and we even were suppose to meet them at the next concert, but 2 wks before the concert happen, Chester took his life. I was on vacation, enjoying the pool with my daughter, when my son ran down to tell me, Ā I was in complete shock, since I didn’t know him personally, I couldn’t tell that there was any signs, and before I even thought poor me, Ā no concert…my heart immediately went out to his wife, kids, and friends, I know it had to be extremely hard for them. It just comes to show that depression can hit anyone, no matter how rich or poor, it just happens, and there isn’t always warning signs. I do believe that if we do make ourselves available to help, and spread awareness, it can save more lives. Let’s help spread the love to anyone in need, Ā let’s #makechesterproud, #fuckdepression

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