Happy Halloween & Happy Anniversary 🎃

I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be a crazy day, so I want to wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween night! And I’ll like to wish my husband and I Happy Anniversary, yes we were married on Halloween 10 years ago,  we had a great little Halloween reception, I would love to relive that night everyday, maybe one year we’ll actually have an anniversary/ Halloween party… anyways, stay safe everyone. 

Healthier tortilla chips🌮

Just in time for taco Tuesday, he’s my spin for healthier tortilla chips. 

1 pkg flour  (or corn) tortillas.                                 Cooking spray.                                                           Salt

Cut each tortilla shell in 8 wedges,  spray both sides with cooking spray, and sprinkle with salt. Spread on cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes,  flipping halfway through…I suggest not walking away and keeping an eye on them, my coming times are never the same lol.. Voila, enjoy in nachos, taco salad, with salsa, etc.


Happy Monday!

 It’s the beginning of a new week, fresh start, and to my daughter the start of any empty stomach.. this child of mine had breakfast lunch and dinner within 3 hours! Where does she put it all…. yes, they were healthy small meals, luckily our children prefer a head of  broccoli over chips and candy. I find it funny that people usually dread going into work, especially on a Monday, but I work afternoons and by the time my husband comes in, I’m ready to run out the door to start my workweek. This pint size Mini me that I have created manages to suck the energy out of me an hour after I awake, but leaving for work is like my second wind. This has been my routine for many many years, so when Monday comes, I learn to embrace it, and I know the next morning my routine will start over again, and so will my daughter’s empty belly lol.

On a serious note!

So while watching the tribute for Chester Bennington, who is from my favorite band ever Linkin Park, I wanted to share the link for suicide prevention  suicidepreventionlifeline.org

For anyone who’s suffering from depression, thoughts of suicide, or know some in need, please share this.

As I mention before Linkin Park is my favorite band, my best friend and I go to all their concerts that come to town, and we even were suppose to meet them at the next concert, but 2 wks before the concert happen, Chester took his life. I was on vacation, enjoying the pool with my daughter, when my son ran down to tell me,  I was in complete shock, since I didn’t know him personally, I couldn’t tell that there was any signs, and before I even thought poor me,  no concert…my heart immediately went out to his wife, kids, and friends, I know it had to be extremely hard for them. It just comes to show that depression can hit anyone, no matter how rich or poor, it just happens, and there isn’t always warning signs. I do believe that if we do make ourselves available to help, and spread awareness, it can save more lives. Let’s help spread the love to anyone in need,  let’s #makechesterproud, #fuckdepression

Carbless burger🍔

Yeah I know, it’s not new or anything fancy, but who doesn’t like a hamburger or even a Big Mac… My sister called the other day (who’s currently doing Keto) needing something to make with hamburger meat,  I didn’t try the true keto diet, but I basically turned everything into a salad… Anyways, I suggested meatloaf or making what I call the Big Mac salad, and her family loved it!!

**This is for one serving***

1 cooked hamburger patty  (I use season butterball turkey meat patties)                              1 cup of shredded iceberg or romaine lettuce chopped fresh tomatoes, diced onions, diced pickles.                                                                 1/4c shredded cheddar cheese.                           2 tbsp thousand island dressing                       Mix all together and enjoy 😊

Here’s to healthier lifestyle 🥗

After a week of changes, I decided that why stop with potential career change, it’s time for a entire lifestyle change. Who couldn’t stand to lose a few pounds, drop some numbers in your cholesterol, sugar, etc…  Now, a lady doesn’t share her weight, and it’s not about how many pounds to lose, it’s about becoming healthier. It’s time I put all that information I learned in all my nutrition classes to the test. I’ll be sharing recipes and tips, and hope others would like to join in, and any tips are greatly appreciated.. Here’s to health 🥂🍏


Change is in the air 🍁

I make a lot of decisions on impulse, this may be one of them but it may be for the better.  After two failed attempts of nursing school, which I’m currently waiting to apply back for,  I decided I should look at a different career path.  I absolutely love nursing, it’s what I always wanted to do, and the times I was in the program, I had a few personal issues that was uncontrollable and that is the biggest reason why I failed out, the timing just wasn’t right. The programs I’m looking into still will allow me to help others, which is what I want to do, and maybe in few years I’ll return to nursing. I thought the year and half break would help me refresh and get things in order (which I am), but I need to return back to school, there’s a void that needs to be filled. I’m debating between two programs, and will be discussing with counselor this Friday. Now that I’m getting all my issues in order, I’m certain that any program I go into, I will be able to give my 100% and have a successful completion. As mentioned before, I started blogging in hopes to keep me content, well it has, I’m absolutely loving all the writing and new ideas I’ve been looking into,  and reading others blogs are great. I honestly never knew there was so many out there, I look forward to continue reading others and working on mine.

Let the fundraising begin!

As mention before my child was invited back to the Envision program, he will be attending the Gaming and Technology Academy. In efforts to get him there, our first fundraiser will be a bake sale, which means the next 2 weeks of my life will be looking at nothing but cookies… good thing I learned how to save time in the kitchen with making dinner 😂😂. I’m still brainstorming other fundraiser ideas, that doesn’t involve spaghetti dinners (we had a few last time, not in the mood to do those again)… Any ideas ate appreciated..

Universal Yums Box

I don’t know if everyone heard about the latest craze about trying different snacks around the world, but the other day I jumped on board and tried my first box. First thought it was smaller than I expected, but I believe they come into different sizes, anyways  our box was Belgium snacks, which of course was basically chocolate lol… Nothing wrong with chocolate, but it was a little rich for our taste, there was also a snack size waffle with some type of sweet coating, wasn’t bad, but I hate waffles lol. I’m not going to give it a bad rating because I’m not really a sweets or chocolate fan, but my children loved it 😃. Not sure where next box comes from, but that’ll will be the deal breaker if I keep my subscription going. Stay tuned for November box, we’re thinking it’s coming from Turkey from the clues they left inside the box.

Time – saving dinners!!

Since I’m working all weekend, and have a family of 7 to feed,  thought I’ll share how I shaved time off spending it at home and not in the kitchen. While defrosting a roast, there was two in the package,  so I cooked both, removed one and put in fridge for tomorrow.  With the other one, I added gravy, potatoes, carrots, etc for the traditional roast,  and tomorrow I will shred the other beef up and make beef stroganoff with it.  I do this often, I’ll buy 3 pounds of hamburger, cook it all, use some for tacos,  spaghetti, etc. The same for chicken as well, I’ll boil the chicken without seasoning, use some for chicken chili, chicken fajitas, etc…. My rule of thumb is buy bulk, cook bulk, save the rest for another meal….. hope this tip help others to spend more time with family/ friends and less time in the kitchen, especially those who are always in a rush like I am 😊