My little Einstein!

My youngest son (13 yrs old) was invited back to JrNYLC (Junior National Young Leaders Conference), he was invited 2 years ago and spent a week in Washington, tons of hands on experience and learning, and he loved it.  They have different groups that learn about different things, this time he was invited for Gaming and Technology, which is what he wants to go into. So of course he jumped at this opportunity, he gets to spend the week at George Mason university, very excited child right now. So now I’m looking into more fundraising ideas, last time he won a scholarship to go, plus we had a few spaghetti dinners, etc to cover the rest…. but this time I want something more fun and little easier lol, if anyone has any ideas, please share with me,  thank you. I like to make these opportunities possible for him, because he does try so hard at school and loves all the experiences he gets, plus they look great for college.

Happy Friday!!

First, I’ll update on my little girl, she made it through surgery just fine,  the doctor thinks she’ll need 1-2 more laser treatments for the scarring,  her arm currently looks a little scary, but she’s handling it like a trooper…So the night before surgery, she managed to get ahold of scissors and cut her hair, of course it was when all salons were closed and surgery was scheduled early, so she had no choice to go to hospital with funky hair lol.. I took her this morning and had it fixed, so now her short hair is extremely short, but she rocks short hair 😎

The night before….

So here it is, the night before my babies fourth surgery… the first 3 were for skin grafts on her arm from a burn,  she pulled boiling water on her arm when she was one 😐. This is only the start of the laser treatments for the scars,  but still makes me nervous because they have to put her under.  I spent the day making chicken noodle soup and getting her simple snacks she can have once she gets home,  I purposely kept myself busy so I didn’t have to think of it..but now I have nothing to do at work, except to think of it. I know she’s going to be fine, she’s a tough cookie and already has been through so much, this is a piece of cake compared to others, but I’m a mom, I  wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t.  I’ll be taking her by myself, I prefer it that way,  I don’t do well being around nervous people,  my husband was with me the first time, and as all my other children surgeries,  I definitely need to be alone during that time.. that time is to focus on her and not on others feelings, etc. Oh and little miss sunshine had managed to find scissors and cut her hair tonight, my husband sent me the pic,  so of course night before surgery, no place open to get it fixed,  she’ll be at the hospital in the morning with some crooked bangs lol… Thankfully she just had her haircut really short, so hopefully won’t be that noticeable lol.. I’ll update tomorrow, maybe post all the pics from before to now, but I’m sure she’ll be fine..

Last night conversation!

So last night my husband and I were having a little spat over my 16 year old son who has ADHD, ODD, and little bit of other issues… my husband is strong believer that many are just labels to use to coddle children,  and I’m a firm believer these issues exist. I’m the one who had all the testing done,  I see the issues my child suffers from, and I work in mental health,  plus I’ve had 3 rounds of psych (doesn’t make me an expert), but I do know what I’m talking about. Before I go on, I’m not saying every child or diagnosis is the same, this is my opinion,  so need for judgment. In the middle of this argument he said he sees that our child has some mental issues,  well duh,  told him he needs to do some research on these issues and then he will have a valid point.  Now onto our son,  he isn’t medicated,  we tried and he simply didn’t take to the meds,  he follows a pretty good diet,  he receives extra help at school, he still has his outbursts, but they’re not too often. When I ask him what it feels like, he says it’s like having a thousand things going on inside his brain and he can’t focus on one,  and when he has his behaviors, it’s like think before you speak, he doesn’t think about consequences until after he does it, and many times he thinks he’s in the right, we’re the wrong ones. We encourage him to talk, to ask for help,  now he doesn’t always because he’s embarrassed, but I tell him that’s what all the extra resources are for.  He does work,  he’s been working for our local teen center doing peer counseling since he was 14, he’s really good with children and helping others,  I really wish he would go into counseling,  he’s natural with it,  but he says that’s not what he wants to do with his life.  Okay so back to my husband,  I know he will research and learn up on this subject, I think he needs to look more depth into this issue, I believe it will help everyone involved.  Now I’m not saying he’s never realized our son has a problem, I believe its more of a parent denying there is a problem, he’s more of the coddler than he thinks.

Frugal Friday!

  • For those parents who go through homecoming  dances every year for their children like I do, I managed a way to save some money,  I’m pretty sure its not an original idea, but still feel like sharing 😊. This year I decided to skip the tux rental, and go to Kohls and buy a suit,  my son chose all black (As usual), and ties to match his dates dress,  and bought a vest from eBay that also matches,  so when homecoming comes  next year, the only thing he has to buy is new ties… pretty nifty, huh.  So next year when my youngest son starts attending the dances, I’ll do the same thing and save the big money for tux rentals for prom night… and when my daughter starts going, I’m not going to be able to do that with her, so I better start saving now lol. To save money on corsages, I had my mother in law make them with fake flowers, that way not only did I save money there, his date can keep it for however long she wants instead of putting in freezer (I still have my 20 year old sons boutenniere in the freezer from 6 years ago lol). Happy saving!


As mention before I’ve been in a funk for awhile, I’m hoping writing it out can help. I wouldn’t call it depression because I am still happy and find joy in everything, but something just feels off. Could be season  changing, lack of sleep, not enough nutrients, etc. I’m typically pretty good at diagnosing myself… thanks to my 3 round of psych clinicals in nursing school.  That could be reasoning for my funk, I’ve spent the last 9 years in school, and this is my first year of not being in it, and I’m likely bored lol. Not being in school, no degree for the years I’ve spent at school, all that time I feel wasted, now the bills are starting to come in, it’s a little overwhelming. I do plan on reapplying to the nursing program next year, I felt the year off would help me get focused, have my life more stable, and just be more prepared… But maybe the break wasn’t the best idea,  starting to feel a little useless, I really need to find something to do with my time during the day…. perhaps work on the pom poms lol…See, told y’all I was good at self diagnosing, and could help with my procrastination lol. What are other techniques I could try to brighten up my mood?


I know we’re all guilty of this, but here’s about my latest adventure with my project. A few months ago I saw the pom pom rug video and thought seems simple, a month ago I finally bought the material. I spent a couple days making pom poms, and that’s how far I got lol, they’re not hard to do,  I just don’t feel like doing it, anyone else have that issue? I was hoping to have it done in time for my daughter’s birthday on Saturday, but doesn’t look promising, maybe I’ll go for Christmas,  or maybe for her dorm when she goes to college in 14 years lol….Anyone else working on an unfinished project,  what motivates you?


Hello Everyone!

I decided to start this blog after visiting a medium (yes, I believe in them), and she recommended I start a dream journal….that lead me to thinking about my past, my children, etc. and I came to the conclusion that my life is happily dysfunctional, so I thought why not share with the world. This blog is more likely going to be my personal journal, making trips down to memory lane, the present, and in hopes to get out of this funk I’ve been in. I enjoy writing and does seem to make me feel better, but I also enjoy helping others with  whatever issues they’re going through. Now, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m not the perfect wife or mother, I don’t live the perfect life everyone dreams of, hell this isn’t the life I dreamed of, but it’s my life and I love it. I tend not to be so judgemental on others, and I wish for the same for me, and unwanted advice isn’t necessary, we all have our opinions so let’s not criticize others for theirs. I am new to this blogging and making a site thing, so please feel free to add suggestions on how to change or fix my page….