Queen of Procrastination

Just like every other busy momma, I am the true definition of procrastination. My intentions were doing separate updates on some of my previous posts, going way back from October. Well, that’s not going to happen, lol, instead here’s one quick update.

1. That damn pom pom rug, nope, still not finished. I did manage to bring into the house in hopes to start it again, well I may be starting back to step one since Kaila has managed to find and play with them….I really need to find a better hiding spot, but it seriously looks like it’ll be done by the time she goes to college in 14 years lol.

2. Fundraising for Jarron’s gaming and technology academy this summer. I am happy to say that I have kept up on the fundraising, we’ve held 3 cookie sales (about 60 dozen sold altogether), and currently working on the last fundraiser, which will the Spaghetti dinner…that was a big hit in the past.

3. Kaila’s laser treatments for her skin graft scars…she has not had anymore treatments, we go back to the burn clinic in 2 months, but I honestly think she will not require anymore…Funny thing is, when her doctor was telling about these treatments and how many she will need, he said, “I never had a child who needed only one treatment”. I replied watch Kaila be his first, and she actually may be the first patient. The reasoning for this is, the laser treatments are simply not beneficial to her, we will wait to see how it looks once she becomes older and the skin stretches out.

4.  The real on POCS…well unfortunately, things were going too well for me for about 4 years, and I believe when I was writing the post, I was recognizing my old symptoms and pains. I said before POCS can not be cured, but manageable, but ultrasounds and labs have detected that I’m no longer managing it, biopsies are being scheduled, then hysterectomy (uncertain partial or full, but with my luck it will full) will be done. These dates are still unknown, waiting on insurance approvals.

5. Frugal Friday and March is fast approaching, that means it’s time to go hit all those clearance sales for next season, hell if you live in Michigan like me, you can use some extra sweatshirts and boots now, we know Winter isn’t fully over until end of April lol.

I believe that’s about all that needed updated for now, my New Year’s resolution was to prioritize my time and projects better, this may be my first step into doing so…better late than never, stay tune for much much more…….

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