Super Savers Saturday

Now that Christmas is over, this is a good time to hit those clearance sales. If you plan on changing your tree decoration theme, stock up on those items now, don’t forget gift wrap, bags, and cards for next year. The bonus with these sales are that Christmas color totes go on sale also, which makes a great holding container for your new purchases for next year.  We still have a couple Christmases to do, so I take this opportunity to get those gifts that I waited for clearance sales to get,  yes I know I’m frugal,  but when you have a large family, save the money where you can. Here’s another tip I recently learned,  shop online, leave those items in your cart without buying, some stores send you coupons and deals to continue your purchase. If you earned extra points, Kohls cash, etc,  use those on the clearance deals, no money out of pocket. Not only do the holiday items get marked down, winter items (jackets, gloves, clothes, etc) do as well, oh and those cute outside inflatable decorations, this will be the time to buy them. Always shop around, same stores but different locations mark down differently, and while one store may be 50% off, the next may already be at 75% off, I will go the extra mile to look for the better bargain, and always check to see if there’s a coupon for that item. Remember to use this tip after every holiday and season to put some extra money in your pocket and it’ll save you for the next one.

My top 5 stores to hit for clearance:

  1. Walgreens: Not only for the candy, the perfume and shower gift sets are clearanced as well, don’t forget to check out the As seen on TV items, some get marked down also.
  2. Kohls: This should be #1, but can’t pass up a good candy selection at Walgreens lol. I use my Kohls cash for the Christmas items that I waited to grab, plus I love their Christmas village collection.
  3. Dollar General: This year I noticed they began 50% before Christmas to make room for Valentine’s stuff to go. Great time to grab all the gift wrap and bags…
  4. Target: Although I never ever go here, my sister likes to go through and pick up some toys they clearance out.
  5. Walmart: I am not a fan of Walmart, and will only go in the middle of the night, and by the time I get there most is always picked through, but you can still find some good items, especially if you go early enough when they sales start.

Here’s another money saving tip when buying gift cards, check the coupons on the store apps, some may have a percentage off for certain places, ex 10% off when you purchase $25 or more to IHop, may not seem much but definitely can add up if purchasing more. Also, Kroger advertises 4x fuel rewards points on certain gift card purchases, that can help with savings on gas prices that are on the rise right now.


Happy shopping, happy saving, and Happy New Year to all!!!

3 thoughts on “Super Savers Saturday

  1. Happy New Year! I dont do Walmart either. Southgate store is disgusting and unorganized. I think we’ve been there 2 times in the 4 years we’ve been back down state. Horrible!

  2. If I have to admit to missing one thing from the first world, it’s Walmart. We have one here but you have to drive 4 hours through ridiculous roads to get to it. :/

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