As mention before I’ve been in a funk for awhile, I’m hoping writing it out can help. I wouldn’t call it depression because I am still happy and find joy in everything, but something just feels off. Could be season ┬áchanging, lack of sleep, not enough nutrients, etc. I’m typically pretty good at diagnosing myself… thanks to my 3 round of psych clinicals in nursing school. ┬áThat could be reasoning for my funk, I’ve spent the last 9 years in school, and this is my first year of not being in it, and I’m likely bored lol. Not being in school, no degree for the years I’ve spent at school, all that time I feel wasted, now the bills are starting to come in, it’s a little overwhelming. I do plan on reapplying to the nursing program next year, I felt the year off would help me get focused, have my life more stable, and just be more prepared… But maybe the break wasn’t the best idea, ┬ástarting to feel a little useless, I really need to find something to do with my time during the day…. perhaps work on the pom poms lol…See, told y’all I was good at self diagnosing, and could help with my procrastination lol. What are other techniques I could try to brighten up my mood?

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