The night before….

So here it is, the night before my babies fourth surgery… the first 3 were for skin grafts on her arm from a burn,  she pulled boiling water on her arm when she was one 😐. This is only the start of the laser treatments for the scars,  but still makes me nervous because they have to put her under.  I spent the day making chicken noodle soup and getting her simple snacks she can have once she gets home,  I purposely kept myself busy so I didn’t have to think of it..but now I have nothing to do at work, except to think of it. I know she’s going to be fine, she’s a tough cookie and already has been through so much, this is a piece of cake compared to others, but I’m a mom, I  wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t.  I’ll be taking her by myself, I prefer it that way,  I don’t do well being around nervous people,  my husband was with me the first time, and as all my other children surgeries,  I definitely need to be alone during that time.. that time is to focus on her and not on others feelings, etc. Oh and little miss sunshine had managed to find scissors and cut her hair tonight, my husband sent me the pic,  so of course night before surgery, no place open to get it fixed,  she’ll be at the hospital in the morning with some crooked bangs lol… Thankfully she just had her haircut really short, so hopefully won’t be that noticeable lol.. I’ll update tomorrow, maybe post all the pics from before to now, but I’m sure she’ll be fine..

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