Too much Halloween candy?

Too much candy from Halloween..I know it can’t be possible right? If you’re like me and only allow the kids a little at a time (I know, I’m cruel lol). Instead of tossing them, I put them in the freezer and let the kids have some every week. When the boys were younger and had tons of candy, I use to freeze them and use them in their stockings at Christmas, I’m not sure where the idea came from, but it definitely worked, especially when I use to forget to buy candy for the stockings lol… Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween 🎃.

My daughter and grandson

                   My granddaughters 1st Halloween, she stayed home cause it was a little cold.

8 thoughts on “Too much Halloween candy?

    1. You’re welcome, I think I read it somewhere years ago and stuck with it.. this year only my daughter went out, so the sons are helping themselves to hers, so may not make it to freezer this year lol

    1. We never pass out any, we go to my brothers house for our traditional dinner and trick or treating, he had tons left over, only 3 kids came this year 😯

    1. thank you…i only have 1 left that goes out, this year she picked the outfit out of her closet and said she wanted to be a ghost cheerleader, finally got her to be half girly lol… the mom’s did a great job on the grandkids outfits.

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